What makes ALPHA Pianos special?

After 300 years of the art of piano building, a new milestone in the history of the piano has been reached with ALPHA Pianos.

aufz_whiteComplete concert grand action
aufz_whiteNovel sensor technology for measuring the hammers' strike energy
aufz_whiteContinuously variable height adjustment
aufz_whiteWireless pedals
aufz_whiteDesign by 

The first ALPHA STUDIO prototype has already been successfully tested by: Rodger Hodgson (Supertramp), Chick Corea, Jo Barnikel & Konstantin Wecker and Miki Skuta

  ALPHA PIANOS - the cutting edge of evolution

Invention of the piano
First German fortepianos
First upright piano
Invention of una corda pedal
Piano's compass expanded to 6 octaves
Invention of double escapement action
First hammer heads made of felt
Introduction of cross-stringing
Introduction of the full frame for grand pianos
Piano's compass expanded to a full 8 octaves
Development of the first electronic keyboard instruments
International conference on concert pitch in London defined concert pitch to be 440 Hz at 20 °C
Beginning of distribution of electronic pianos
Presentation of the Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI)
ALPHA, the piano of the 21st century
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